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So much for the US healthcare system

Posted: May 14, 2007 in Misc

My mom is currently undergoing knee replacement surgery in Sibley Hospital, in DC. Sibley is supposed to be a "good hospital", but I guess that's relative - i.e., it sucks a little less than all the other hospitals in the area.

She checked in last week, and was booked for the operation, and rehab. Her surgery was on Wednesday, and everything went well. Since then, she's been charged almost $5/day for a tiny 6" TV with around a dozen stations, fed food that is unfit for human consumption, and had to wait an inordinate amount of time to have her bedpan emptied.

Today she phoned me. It seems they've "overbooked" the rehab center (much like a cheap hotel overbooks rooms) and thus, they have no bed for her. This means she's on her own for rehab, and she's been calling frantically to find a physical therapy alternative. Of course, none of the ones she's found in the area accept her insurance, so we're kind of stuck, all because Sibley couldn't keep its books in order.

I mentioned this to Jessica, who rolled her eyes, and understandably so. In Canada, this would never be an issue. My mom could have just gone to any rehab facility, and not worried about whether they take her insurance. But of course, the US is against "socialized" health care, because doctors, hospitals, and big pharma can't get as filthy rich under that system.

Yeah I'm pissed. This isn't some overbooked hotel, or oversold flight. This is my mom's health, and she needs her PT to be able to walk again. It's serious stuff.

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