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Doing my own livery

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Slotcars

The slotcar group I race with has been a fun bunch of people.  We race approximately twice a month, and always on a wood track with no magnets (which is why I'm thinking about building one).  One of the classes we run is late 60s/early 70's Trans Am cars.  Eligible care are Scalextric 67-73 Mustangs, Camaros, Dodge Challengers, and if Scalextric ever makes an AMC Javelin (do I even need to finish this sentence?).

Due to the dimensions of the actual cars, and the center of gravity of a slot car, you basically get your ass kicked if you're not driving a 70-73 Camaro in this class.  Unfortunately, there are only a handful liveries for this car, and only a few decent looking ones.  So, you can easily find yourself on a 3 or 4 lane track racing your clones.

I decided that I'm easily confused enough as it is without trying to figure out which car on the track is mine, so I decided to grab an all-white kit and do my own livery.  I chose Chevy Hugger Orange, and went with a flat black hood.  It took me some experimentation with the paint and paint can temperatures, but the result is so far pretty good.



I still plan to paint the rollcage silver, and I might try painting the driver's helmet or something, but for now I think it looks pretty good.  I went with a 21.5k orange endbell motor, which is the max allowed by the rules, and Paul Gage tires.  It hooks up pretty well, but I think the tires offer a little too much grip on wood, so I might try going back to rubber.

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