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Mix 107.3 - The best of subtle right-wing programming

Posted: March 08, 2007 in Cycling

We have a radio station here in DC called Mix 107.3. At one time it was called "Q-107" but that changed some time ago. Especially notable about Mix 107.3 is its morning radio personalities. The show itself is fine - they play halfway decent music, and talk about as much as you'd expect for a radio show. The cast comes off likable, usually. But ever lingering is the cast's right-wing bias.

Now, I understand that lots of radio stations (and TV stations, etc) have a political bias, but it's one thing to be, say, the Rush Limbaugh show, where people who listen know what they're signing up for, and quite another to be a non-political morning show, and still inject slanted politics into the mix. Anytime any business (and this includes radio shows) uses their power or presence to alter public opinion, especially when they sling mud in doing so (like Mix107 does), then they have crossed the line into being a political entity, and in doing so they leave me no choice but to not do business with them, including watching/listening to their shows, and avoiding any product advertised on those shows.

Mix107 has dropped a few whoppers in the past. The morning show anchor - a guy named Jack Diamond - sneaks in the occasional right-wing friendly jab whenever an opportune moment presents itself. One of the ladies on the show, I can't remember her name... Lisa Something... the one with the "gravel road" voice, suggested that Alicia Keys "move somewhere else" after Alicia expressed disdain for the Iraq war. Lisa is, of course, one of those people that never quite "got it" back in high school history class, when they were explaining what makes America special. If it were up to people like her, we'd have never fought the American Revolution, because anyone unhappy with the rule of England would just be told to "love it or leave it."

I'm so old, I remember when conservatives were the ones suspicious of government. Not anymore.

This morning, one of the other less notable personalities, a squeaky-voiced DJ named Jimmy Alexander, chose Barak Obama as his target. Apparently Jimmy has inside info (a google search turned up nothing on this one, so I expect to find it on snopes soon) about a slew of unpaid parking tickets that Obama accumulated while at college. I mean heck, forget about George Bush's DWI (which squeaky Jim has absolutely no problem with), this is a REAL crime!

So once again, for probably the 10th time since 2000, I've removed 107 from my presets. There are plenty of other good stations in the DC market, including a great new addition called The Globe. And before you say the Globe is a left-wing station (they talk about environmental issues on their website) keep in mind that the environment is not a political issue, it's a scientific one. Republicans have tried to make it a political issue, because that's the easiest way to get their people to rail against it. And even that's not working too well anymore.

Good riddance, Mix. Maybe Rush or G. Gordon will come work for you. You'll be fine without me listening. I hear there's big money in right-wing mud slinging.

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