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How is this my problem?

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Misc

We have neighbors, and they have yappy dogs. VERY yappy dogs. In fact, one of the yappy dogs is the dog that bit at me last summer, but that's another story.

So I get home from work (Federal Gov't closed early due to snow/ice) and I notice that there are some neighborhood kids sledding down the hill in my back yard. This is causing the yappy dogs to go absolutely apeshit in a fit of barking. I shrug, and figure the neighbors must not be home, otherwise they'd bring the dogs inside, rather than let them go apeshit.

About an hour later, my doorbell rings. It's one of my neighbors.

Her: "Hi, did you tell the kids they could sled in your back yard?"
Me: "No, but I didn't tell them not to. It's no big deal really. They can have fun."
Her: "Well, my husband works nights, so he's trying to get some sleep right now, so I'd appreciate it if you'd tell them not to sled, because the barking is keeping my husband awake."

Ok, let me get this straight. Their OWN dogs are keeping them awake, and I'm the one that needs to do something? How about, "Shut your own damn dogs up!" ?

I mean seriously, wtf?

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