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Posted: January 02, 2007 in Misc

Now that the holiday season is behind us, Jess and I will be putting out noses to the grindstones as far as our eating habits go. Jess isn't feeling very healthy, and I want to get serious about keeping the extra flab off. So today we took all of our measurements and plugged them into the calculator at We also picked up a Tanita body fat scale with 2-person memory.

According to the Tanita (which is supposed to be pretty accurate) I'm at 12.3% bodyfat right now. Jessica is... well, I won't tell you her percentage, but she wasn't happy about it at all. We both have some work to do, but neither one of us is really obese. Just 5-10 lbs less would be nice.

My main goal is to not gorge myself during meals, and let my body get used to smaller portions. I just think I eat too much per sitting, and I'm getting tired of that uncomfortable post-meal feeling. I'm also going to eat less meat and dairy, and concentrate on eating as much fruit and veggies as possible.

Last year at this time we each managed to drop 10 lbs by spring. This time the trick will be keeping it off.

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