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Rain anyone?

Posted: June 27, 2006 in Misc

So it's been raining. A lot. For the past few days we've had tropical deluges of rain. Not just the light, steady stuff mind you, but those huge cloudbursts that make people pull over and wait under a bridge due to lack of visibility. The kind that are usually over in 5-10 minutes, but these are going on and on and on. Day after day too.

Many of the roads I travel on have standing water. In one point, I had to drive through water that was flowing across the road, from one "lake" (cow field) to another. Some of the backroads that run near creeks are closed completely. Fortunately, I don't know anyone who has been flooded out of their homes, but if the rain keeps up, it's only a matter of time.

Some people haven't been so lucky.

On Friday Jess and I are leaving on a week-long vacation to Canada. No riding, but lots of relaxing. Hopefully the rain won't follow us.

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