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It's that time of year again

Posted: June 01, 2006 in Cycling

I've once again registered for the MS-150 bike ride, to help the fight against MS. Even though I live in Maryland, I prefer to do the PA ride, which covers 150 miles of beautiful PA countryside. The ride is well supported, with many rest stops, and corner workers at all the busy intersections. Hopefully they listened to the riders last year and will have the proper food at the rest stops. "Low-carb" snacks don't go well with distance cycling, no matter how much protien they have.

My fundraising goal this year will be $500, which is a modest sum, but every little bit helps. If anyone would like to help by sponsoring me, drop me a PM or an email.

The ride is at the end of July, which means Jess will have her new bike by then. Boy oh boy is she going nuts waiting for that. It's a much better quality bike than she has now though, so it will make the longer rides much more enjoyable.

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