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Jessica's new bike has been ordered!

Posted: April 18, 2006 in Cycling

After much test-riding, Jessica settled on the Serotta Fierte, a very nice bike at an excellent price. We placed the order on Saturday, and it'll be orange and silver, with probably blue logos. She can't wait for it to arrive, and I can't wait for the bike shop to call me and tell me when it's going to arrive, so I can prepare her old bike for selling.

Jessica chose the Serotta because it fit her the best, and also because it increased her average speed on our short, 13-mile "evening" loop by around 1mph. That's a pretty decent improvement for an equipment change. The fit and the gearing were the main things responsible for the improvement, but the big change will be on our longer rides, where the combination of high-quality steel and carbon fiber on the new bike will really smooth out the rough road.

We'd like to have the bike by next weekend, but realistically I know we'll probably have to wait at least two weeks. Oh well... it'll be worth the wait.

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