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An open letter to all Democratic candidates

Posted: November 04, 2010 in Misc

When given the choice between voting for an actual Republican or a Democrat disguised as a Republican, the majority of American people will always vote for the former.

A lot of Democrats seem to have this misguided impression that they somehow need to run a centrist platform. Unfortunately, this causes a few problems. One is that you lose Democratic votes. This is because you've now become indistinguishable from the Republican you're running against. Your core supporters will either not vote, or throw a vote to the Green party. You won't pick up any more centrist votes, because they won't be able to tell the difference between you and the actual Republican either. And don't even think about picking up any Republican votes. That "D" after your name will be like a crucifix to a vampire. They'd sooner eat nails than vote for you no matter how far right you veer.

As if all this wasn't enough, your efforts will be negated further by the fact that no matter how far right you move, the Republicans will still point at you and call you an extreme left-wing commie liberal (and the media won't do anything to refute that). By moving to the right, you effectively allow the right to re-define what's considered the center, and you make it even harder for yourselves in the next election.

So do us all a favor please. Stop trying to emulate your competition, grow a spine, and run a proper, progressive platform. Your core voters will thank you.

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