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Back in the saddle again

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Cycling

Two weeks ago, while on a ride, I started hearing a funny noise coming from what seemed like my right pedal. I ignored it, of course, and it was to be to my peril. Around 4 miles into the ride (fortunately it wasn't longer) I felt a sudden jerk on my right foot. My pedal had seized up, nearly ripping the cleat off my shoe. I sighed, turned around, and one-legged it back home. Funny how I struggle to hold 20mph on the road leading back to town, but when pissed off, I can hold 20 using one leg without a problem.

When I got home, I swapped my pedals out for a spare set off my red bike, and went back out. Later, I pulled the right pedal apart to find that the inboard bearing (the only one you can't replace) was shot, and in being shot had totally hosed the pedal axle. After a quick google, I found a pair on sale at University Bicycle Center. I was unable to buy them online, of course, because of a stupid rule of Speedplay's that has to do with not selling online for below retail. Whatever. But I was able to phone them up and place an order quite easily, and they were really nice over the phone.

Three days later, the nice UPS guy arrived with my new pedals. They're snazzy!

Speedplay pedals in box

Speedplay pedals in box

Bike with Speedplays installed

Now we're all set for the weekend. And hopefully, for the next twelve years, if these pedals last as long as the ones they replaced.

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