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Cautiously optimistic

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Misc

When Obama got picked as the dem candidate, no one was more convinced than I that by this time, just weeks before the election, he would be ground to a pulp by the press, and McCain would be ahead by double digits in the polls.


While nothing is certain yet, it's looking more and more like we might actually get someone who isn't "four more years" of the last eight. It's not going to be easy, mind you. The current administration has left a horrifying mess for the next president to deal with, but at least we'll be dealing with it rather than adding to it for another four (or eight) years.

I can already see the headlines in ten years. The repubs will be telling us all about how Bush's looting of the treasury and tax cuts for the super-rich would have saved us, if only Obama hadn't been elected and thrown a wrench into the whole thing. Politics is all about blaming the other guy.

So I will sit back and watch, cautiously optimistic, with my fingers crossed that the polls are right, that the Wilder effect doesn't rear it's ugly head, that Diebold doesn't fiddle with the results, and that the "tie" doesn't go to the loser again. I don't want to read about how minorities were turned away at the polls, or how recounts in blue areas were blocked while those in red areas were allowed.

I don't want anymore bullshit. I just want the election to be done with.

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