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I just had a gun pointed at me

Posted: October 06, 2008 in Misc

Posting this from the Mini dealership while my car is serviced.


On the way here for my service, while driving down I-70, I look across the median and see a car stopped dead in the middle lane. As I pass, I notice that it's a couple of really old people, and they're just sitting there. It's right after an overpass too, so cars are coming over the rise and swerving madly to miss them, along with the numerous tractor trailers. Right before I go by, I notice the drivers door open and the old guy looks like he's starting to get out.

Cell phone battery's dead.

Around 2 miles up the road, I notice a state police car pulled over on the right. Looks maybe like he just gave someone a ticket. Anyway, I pull over in front of him, and I get out and start to walk up to tell him what's going on. He bursts out of the car, gun drawn, pointing it at me, screaming "GET BACK IN THE CAR!!! GET BACK IN THE CAR!!" over and over.

So of course I get back in the car. And so does he. Meanwhile these poor people are back there, maybe dead by now. So I dig around in the glove box to see if I've left the car charger in this car or the other one, and finally I see him strolling up, hand on his gun.

He finally gets to my passenger window, and I tell him what's going on. He gives me a "We'll handle it." and strolls slowly back to his car, gets in and keeps writing whatever he was writing.

Yanno, whatever. That's the last time I ever go out of my way if it involved approaching a police person in any manner. I'm not going to have a gun pointed at me for trying to do the right thing.

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