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It's so hard to find good help these days

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Misc

Ever since springtime, our house has been "under construction" in some manner or another. One of the major projects that's getting done is a bathroom remodel of both upstairs bathrooms. The tub in the hallway bathroom was way too shallow to have a good soak, so we decided to replace it, as well as re-tiling the floor and tub cove, and adding a bypass shower door. In the master bath needed a new floor, so we decided to tile the shower stall, and add a hinged shower door.


We got an estimate back in April, and told the contractors to go ahead. Work didn't start until June, and it was slow at that. By the time our vacation rolled around, the hallway bathroom was 95% done, and the master bath had not even been started. I figured that they would need one day to demo the old tile in there, one day to redo the plumbing, and two to three days to lay the tile. Toss in another day for installing the faucets and door, and you have six (6) days.

I told the contractors that they would have the house to themselves for the entire two weeks that Jess and I were on vacation up in Temagami, (15 days in all) and that the work absolutely MUST be done when we got back.

When returned home, we found the following:

  • Hall bathroom is 99% done, but usable. Only some cosmetic finishing needs to be done.
  •  Master bath 20% done, and not usable.
  •  Part of that 20% is done wrong and needs to be done over.
  •  Electricity in powder room (downstairs) is out, for no apparent reason. It's possible that a wire could have been cut during the master bath work, which is directly above it.
  •  There was no hot water in the house. I hit the reset switch on the water heater, which restored the hot water, but so far I've had to reset it three times in the last three days. I suspect that the contractors left the water turned off for days on end, causing the upper element to burn out.

I've just about had it with this shoddy work. I think we're going to have to find ourselves some new contractors for future projects. If something's going to be done wrong, I might as well do it wrong myself, for free rather than paying to have our house screwed up.

We're both rather irked.

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