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The rear patio is coming along nicely

Posted: May 19, 2008 in House & Garden

Jessica and I have decided (after much insistence by me) to add a small patio out back for the bbq grill to sit on. Originally this area was just grass, but rain water would tend to accumulate, making a soggy place for the grill to sit. The addition of a patio would not only provide a clean, dry place for the grill to sit, but also connect the rear basement door with the stairs leading down from the deck.

We settled on brick pavers both because of cost and appearance (less than half the price of flagstone). The paving crew arrived this morning and went at it with abandon. They've got a lot done in a short time. Here are a few pics:.

A bit of grass seed and it'll look really good. We're also having them redo the front walk as well. Pics pending job completion.

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