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Whee! Another pound gone

Posted: January 30, 2008 in Misc

187.6 this morning.

There is, however, a drawback to losing weight. Two in fact. The first drawback is that the more weight you lose, the less calories you burn for the same amount of exercise. Jessica found out about this last night after logging her treadmill workout. I was reminded of it this morning, when my daily walk to work used 8 fewer calories than it did last week. That's one less Hershey's kiss, so that's a big deal to me!

The other, more ominous drawback is that the lighter you are, the less food you need, so my daily calorie allowance has been steadily dwindling since we started this whole thing. So the less I eat, the less I'm allowed to eat. It's like punishment for being successful!

But I suppose I'll get used to it, since it's happening in such small increments. Besides, cycling season will be here soon, and I'll be back to gorging for 60+ mile rides. That's the good life!

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