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Stalling on my next weigh-in

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Misc

I haven't posted a weigh-in lately because for right now, my weight loss is a bit stalled. The problem isn't that I'm not losing weigh, but that I can't tell how much I'm losing.

Over the past week, we had three straight days where I was way, way over on my sodium intake. We're talking 275-350% of what I should be having. This makes you retain water and shoots your body weight up. The reason for the sodium overages was simply because we ended up eating out two nights in a row, and both times had something that was incredibly salty (blackened Tuna steak - yum!). Then the following night, Jess made vegan stir fry, which swam in soy sauce.

So until I can get this salt flushed out, I think I'm going to be heavy on the scale. My last weigh-in was 188.4, so I'm down 7.6 lbs overall, but I plan to weigh again either tomorrow or Monday morning.

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