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We love our new place

Posted: June 03, 2007 in House & Garden

We've been in the new place since Monday, and while it's a total mess (boxes still everywhere, tools scattered about, and nearly 800 sq' of hardwood floor sitting boxed up in the family room), we already love the place and the town. The town is small and quiet, around half the size of the last town we lived in, and everyone seems to know everyone. I've already been to the supermarket, the hardware store, and the local dining establishments. Today I got a pic of a Heron (I think) that was feeding across the pond. Once I get the computer room set up 100% (in a week or two) I'll upload the pics.

So far we've painted around 80% of the upstairs. I've installed:

  • A kitchen faucet
  • Two ceiling fans
  • Two sets of track lighting
  • Dining room lighting

Lots of stuff left to do.

On Monday the kitchen tile goes in, as well as the upstairs carpet. That'll take a few days. On Friday the bamboo flooring goes in, and once all the flooring is finished, we can start getting organized and having the new furniture delivered. After a week of sleeping on a mattress and box springs sitting on the floor, I'll be really happy to sprawl out on that new king-sized pillow-top mattress.

Two of the toilets in here are water-saving units, and I just bought a third one for the powder room to replace the old 5-gallon model. I'm thinking I can sell the 5-gal unit on craigslist or something - a while ago there was a black market on those things.

Once the interior gets finished (finished, heh) I'll get some "after" pics to go with the "before" ones I took. Then it's off to the garage, where I plan to throw up some drywall and do some painting. The floor will get some type of epoxy coating. Gotta have a nice, clean, bright place to work on the cars and bikes.

That's it for now.

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