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Soooo tired

Posted: May 27, 2007 in House & Garden

This is our last weekend in our old house. We're now officially renting it. But we finally (FINALLY) own the new place.

I walked around and took a bunch of "before" pics, because the place is not going to remain the way it is for long.

We're painting pretty much every room.
We're putting bamboo flooring on 2/3 of the first floor.
We're putting porcelain tile on the remaining 1/3 of the first floor.
We're putting new carpet on the entire second floor and the stairway.

Only the basement will remain untouched... for now.

Yesterday was exhausting. I had to pick up materials, so it was off to Rentals Unlimited to pick up an Econoline Van. Then it was off to Lumber Liquidators (70 miles). On the way back, I picked up a mattress & box spring at my Realtor's house. Dropped those off at the house, then it was off to Va (90 miles) to get a china cabinet. Dropped that off, and it was up to Frederick (40 miles) to get a new dining room table from our friends (it was too big for their house).

Total driving: 238 miles @ $0.33 /mile, + $48 worth of gas. Couple that with loading and unloading all that crap = tired me.

Poor Jess was left to paint on her own (well, we hired a painter to help her, but that's still a lot of painting for 2 people) so she was exhausted too. I came home from the last trip to find her sprawled out, asleep, across some hardwood floor boxes. We still have a TON of painting to do, so we'll probably be painting all week.

But the place is going to look awesome. I can't wait til everything is done.

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