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Posted: September 04, 2008 in Misc

After a long wait, some bill haggling with one of our contractors, and a lot of patience, we finally have two remodeled and working bathrooms. They both look really nice, and I expect to have pictures very soon, once I finish up some baseboard molding work on the master bath.


The hallway bathroom looks phenomenal - almost like a bathroom in an upscale hotel penthouse. The master bath also looks pretty good, and although I was worried the dark slate tile would make it look to small, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The best part I think is not having shower curtains to get moldy, and no more puddles outside the shower stall. I still need to add a light over Jess's tub, but that's small potatoes. The lion's share of the work is FINISHED! Woohoo!

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