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  • Our 2025 Driver TRANSFER Predictions
    Over half the drivers on the grid will be out of contract going into 2025, so we may just have the Silliest of Silly season’s we have ever seen! But can we predict where those drivers will be moving… Haydon and Amber try their best to set up the 2025 Driver transfers!.
  • EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Formula 1 In 2024!
    The F1 2024 season is about to begin and if you aren’t caught up on what you need to know ahead of the new year, then this video is for you!.
  • Our 2024 Formula 1 Season Predictions
    The 2024 Formula 1 Season is about to begin so it is time for Haydon & Amber to predict where everyone will line up come the end of the year, but will they agree?.
  • Why Piastri Could Win A Championship Before Norris, Leclerc & Russell?
    We React to your Hot Takes this week with Haydon and Amber on the WTF1 podcast, including this spicy one who thinks Oscar Piastri Could win the world championship before Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and George Russell!.
  • The Worst Car Launch Season In F1 History? | WTF1 Podcast
    Haydon & Amber Talk all the latest news including car launches from Haas, Williams, Stake F1 Team and Alpine! they also dive into Lewis Hamilton Joins Ferrari and what that means for the rest of the grid and their thoughts on Andretti being denied?.
  • How Much Will Each Formula 1 Driver Earn In 2024?
    The 2024 Formula 1 season is about to begin, but how much will each driver earn this season and who is the highest paid of the lot? We have looked into all the paddock gossip and found out roughly how much each driver will earn in 2024!.
  • What Happens To Carlos Sainz Jr Now In Formula 1?
    Silly Season in F1 is in full swing! After Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari shocked the Formula 1 world, our eyes now look towards Carlos Sainz Jr and we ask where will he be in 2025?.
  • Lewis Hamilton Will Become A Ferrari Driver In 2025
    Silly season has started as Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari for the start of the 2025 season! Ending his time with Mercedes who he won 6 World Championships with! But what does this mean for Ferrari and the rest of the grid?.
  • Why Andretti Will Not Be Allowed To Join Formula 1 In 2025?
    It is official, Andretti have been denied access to join Formula 1 as an 11th team in 2025! But why is that? Haydon dives into the reasons behind the decision and shares his opinion on the topic.
  • Should F1 Spring Races Be In Reverse Direction? | WTF1 Podcast
    Haydon & Amber break down the latest Formula 1 news in this week’s WTF1 Podcast; Gunther Steiner leaving Haas, The New Madrid Circuit in 2026, McLaren’s shock car reveal and the new teams on the grid. They also get into your Hot Takes from this week, including whether Sprint races in F1 should be held […].

Formula One feed courtesy of WTF1

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