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A few of my better vacation pics

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Photography | Add Comment

Spending more and more time getting to know my new camera. Practice makes... better, I hope.

Gallery image

Gallery image

Gallery image

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I think our local Hawk has been procreating

Posted: April 04, 2010 in Photography | Add Comment

Nabbed this pic on my last walk. He looks like a juvenile. He's really light in color compared to the other hawks I've been watching.

Juvenile Hawk

I hope to get some better pics as this one was from really far off.

Playing with my new camera

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Photography | Add Comment

This wicked hawk I've been trying to get a good pic of. He's pretty elusive, and likes to hang out behind this particular group of houses where he stalks a cat.


More fun with wildlife

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Photography | Add Comment

Got to see this Heron snag a meal. Poor fish.

Then we had an unexpected guest in our back yard. He's been hanging around since the big storm. Jess thinks he's someone's livestock and he's lost. The Canadian geese don't seem to mind him, and in fact it looks like he's become the alpha male.

I had to chase him out of the yard, because he'd take two steps, poop, two more steps, poop, etc.

Fun with snapping turtles

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Photography | Add Comment

We were home cleaning the house today when I heard Jessica let out a loud gasp. "OMG! LOOK!" She yelled. I peeked out the bay window that overlooks the back yard to see a hueueuege snapping turtle trekking across the yard. I grabbed a few telephoto pics, but quickly realized I needed to be closer.

Here are a few pics: (the green stuff is duckweed)

After we were done taking pics, he high-tailed it back into the pond. I guess he didn't like our company, heh.

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