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R.I.P. Honda. Hello Ford Focus.

Posted: November 15, 2006 in Cars & Driving

Well, the good old Honda's days were coming to an end, and I decided it was no longer safe for Jessica to be driving. The brakes were getting funky, the speedo didn't work, and the transmission was shot, to name but a few things wrong with it.

Several weeks ago, I began scanning the want ads for used wagons, and the other night I ran across one for a 2000 Ford Focus wagon. I remembered reading that these had pretty good reliability ratings (Pat Goss raves about them), so we went to check it out.

Car was spotless (pics coming soon) and the price was right, so we decided to get it. They even gave us $100 in trade for the Honda! So now Jessica has something reliable to drive (and safe) and we have a wagon to haul mulch and trash in. It'll also keep some miles off the Mini.

Here's to cheap used cars.

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