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The F1 Season Kicks off this weekend!

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Cars & Driving

The worst thing about March is the pissy, wishy-washy weather.  The best thing about it is that it's the beginning of the Formula One season!  The Australian GP is Sunday morning, and I'll be recording it in HD for the first time ever!  I'll have my fingers crossed for Jenson Button this season.  Sure, I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Webber pick up a championship, but that's unlikely with Seb Vettel on that team (who, with the departure of Timo Glock, is now my least favorite F1 driver).

And while this season promises to be action-packed, I'm looking forward even more to next season, which marks the return of turbos to F1.  That should seriously rock, although I hope the cars don't end up looking too odd.  But considering the platypus noses of the '12 & '13 seasons, the cars are almost guaranteed to look better.

Aside from rooting for Button, I'll be interested in seeing how Hamilton does at Mercedes.  While not my favorite driver, it'll be interesting to see him in a new team.  I'll also be keeping an eye on Ferrari and Williams, who I really hope improve this season.  And who can ignore Kimi at Lotus?  Yeah, this season is gonna be a blast. :)

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