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No, my blog is not yet dead!

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Web Design

Yes, it's been a good long time since I've made a blog post, and for good reason.  Not only have I been super busy at work, with one of my colleagues retiring and my having to fill in for him, but I spend pretty much the entirety of last summer RIDING!  For 2012 I shifted more to mountain biking than I have in previous years, even signing up for, and doing the MoCo Epic (more on that in a later post).

Another thing keeping me from posting was that the forum that used to host my blog ended up with a corrupted database.  Since no one ever really posted on that forum anymore, I decided I'd go ahead and get a stand-alone blog (and this is it!).  Originally I tried to get WordPress to integrate into my existing website (boy was that a pain in the ass!), but in the end I decided to go ahead and copy the blog software I created for Jessica's website (which she has yet to use!)

Another problem with my website was my photo album.  The new version of Java that Linux ships with rendered my mass-upload feature inoperable, so if I was going to upload files to my old blog, they'd have to be one-by-one.  Well, with almost 500 pics to upload between last Xmas, this Xmas, and Temagami, you can see why I was in no hurry to start uploading.

So... in addition to creating new blog software was building an entirely new photo album (from scratch), which was no small task.  But in the end, the entire project took around two weeks of evenings and around three weekends, and here we are!

I'd also like to thank Hostek for providing me a bullet-proof hosting solution for the new site (which aside from the identical design is a total re-write).  They're a class operation.

So on to blogging, and don't forget that you can actually reply to blog posts (and comment on photos now).  As time goes, I may build in a registration/login system, but for now, we'll see how many people actually leave comments.

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