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First ride of the season

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Music & Travel

So I had the afternoon off today to get a new crown on one of my molars, and as luck would have it, it was 80 degrees outside. So I rushed over to get the crown put on, then rushed home and suited up. It was a decent ride, but it's so hard to take it easy my first time out. My body might be 46, but I still have the motivation I did when I was 27, and I want to just get out there and put the hammer down. I put down just under 16 miles at a modest average, which considering the wind was not bad at all. I managed to burn off around 900 calories though, which is probably due to the wind and hills.

My butt is going to pay though. The first ride is always a freebie, but it takes two or three after that for the butt to acclimate to the seat, which is something I always dread. A necessary evil though, and once you're past that stage, it's smooth sailing.

I ran across a C&O trail volunteer rider. Those guys basically ride the C&O canal on mountain bikes and help people out. I like helping people, and I like riding, so I've been thinking about volunteering for some time now. There's only one problem though; the canal is a TOTALLY boring ride. It's completely flat, and double-track pea gravel and dirt. It would actually be the ideal terrain for a cyclo-cross bike, but I don't have one of those. But it would be an excuse to go ride, and I do have two nice mountain bikes.

Jessica is starting her own dance company, and I've been busy working on the website. We've had business cards printed up, and I'll be picking those up either tomorrow or the next day. Should be fun! Maybe if she brings in the big bucks, I can just ride and play with my Mini!

Speaking of my Mini, I put new shocks and struts on it a few weeks ago. Koni Sports, which are adjustable. Sort of. You can adjust the front just fine, but you have to totally remove the back to adjust them due to those lazy bastards at Koni not wanting to come up with a new design for the Mini. It turned out OK though, since I was able to guess the proper adjustment one the first try after doing some spring rate calculations. In Koni's defense, they're awesome units and the Mini is a different car after the install. I should have done this years ago.

This summer should be fun. We're doing a bit more work on the house, going on a cruise on the Queen Mary II, and catching a few more U2 gigs. Hopefully none of them will be like Athens!! If I go the rest of my life without another experience like that, it'll be just fine with me.

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