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A new look and feel

Posted: October 05, 2010 in Web Design

If it's been a while since you stopped by (like more than a few days) you'll probably notice a few changes. Well, more than a few. After sticking with my old layout for at least five years, I decided it was time for a change.

I've given the site a new look, and I've reduced the number of pages (that I have to update, haha) in order to simplify things. Besides, most people come here to read my occasional rants, and to check out my pics. And of course, I had to throw in a bit about my bikes.

I'm not finished yet, but the big stuff is done. I'll undoubtedly make a few tweaks as time wears on. But for now I think the site is a bit less cumbersome.

Enjoy, and if the dark background is a bit hard on your eyes, slide over to the right and switch to the light page style. I like to be all-inclusive.

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