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I'm spending a weekend at my LBS

Posted: March 29, 2006 in Cycling

I'll be helping out at my local bike shop this weekend for a huge sale they're having. I'll be setting up test-ride bikes and helping out with small tasks. It should be a blast.

Jessica's new bike is in the works. One of the considerations is a Lemond Versailles (which was our first choice), but lately I've been considering other options. A strong contender is the Serotta Fierte, which is a Ti bike with carbon stays. I've also been thinking she'd like Campy ergo levers better than Shimano (Campy seems better for people with small hands).

So she could end up with a Fierte spec'd with Campy Veloce 10 compact, 13-26, and whatever wheels come on it. The only problem with the Campy is that the rear wheel is different, so maybe I'll go with a j-tec shift-mate and keep all the wheels Shimano. I'll have to research that.

I'll also have to have her test-ride a Fierte to see if she likes the way the frame rides. She already test-rode a Trek Madone carbon, and she liked that a lot. Fun choices to make though.

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