Poolesville 45-Mile Ride

Updated 6/10/06

This ride begins and ends at Sugarloaf Mountain, in Dickerson MD.

Elevation profile

Parking is available at the base of the mountain, although if it's full, you can drive up the mountain road where there's even more parking.  But you'll have to ride up to get the car at the end of the ride. It's a short but challenging climb.

Start: Base of Sugarloaf Mtn

  1. Proceed east on Comus Rd.
  2. Straight across Old Hundred Rd (MD 109) and continue on Comus Rd
  3. Right at Peach Tree Lane.
  4. Straight across Old Baltimore Rd
  5. Straight across Barnsville Rd
  6. (45) Left on Whites Store Rd (Downhill grade - good place to eat/drink)

    (60) Left on Moore Rd
  7. Left on Bucklodge Rd
  8. Right on Old Bucklodge Ln (seldom travelled raod - watch for debris)
  9. Right on White Ground Rd (MD 121)
  10. Bear Right on White Ground Rd (MD 121)
  11. Left on MD 28
  12. Immediate Right on Sugarland Rd
  13. Straight across Whites Ferry Rd (MD 107)
  14. Straight across Partnership Rd
  15. Right on Sugarland Rd (at white church)
  16. Left on Hughes Rd
  17. Right on River Rd
  18. River Rd becomes Mt Nebo Rd
    Four short consecutive climbs at this transition
  19. Straight Past W Offutt Rd
    Mt Nebo Rd becomes W Offutt Rd
  20. Right on Edwards Ferry Rd
    Optional right turn on Westerly Rd to Bob's Bikes - Free water refills - see 60-mile cue sheet for details.  Adds ~4 miles to ride total.
  21. Left at Westerly Rd onto Edwards Ferry Rd
  22. Immediate Left onto Club Hollow Rd
  23. Right onto Elmer School Rd
  24. Right onto Whites Ferry Rd (watch for traffic!)
  25. Left onto Martinsburg Rd
  26. Bear Right onto Wasche Rd
  27. Left onto West Hunter Rd
  28. Right onto Darnstown Rd (MD 28) (watch for traffic from left!)
  29. Immediate left at light onto Bealsville Rd
  30. Left onto Big Woods Rd
    Prepare for fun curves and descents
  31. Right onto Darnstown Rd (MD 28), proceed under Railroad bridge
  32. Immediate Right onto Mt Ephraim Rd

End: Base of Sugarloaf Mtn